On a dark and dusky highway.: All you who think SLS causes cancer


You’re idiots.
“You may worry about how SLS may affect your baby. The epidermis (outer layer of skin) is thinner in babies than in adults. For this reason your baby may be more sensitive to soaps and detergents than adults.

Be assured that although SLS is an irritant, detergents are not…

We idiots do not simply believe that SLS causes cancer. It is a far greater reason not to use them as they are chemicals manmade to make products cheap! Anyway I personally do not think it causes cancer I simply do not want to put what started out its life as a degreaser of garage floors onto my skin. Think bigger picture, everything you use including your toothpaste that foams contains SLS, so you will ingest very small amounts several times a day everyday for your whole life. WE IDIOTS choose not to!!