Do you prefer to have your hair cut at home or in a salon?

This has been one of my longest unanswered questions and I constantly wonder if my clients prefer to have their hair cut at home or would they like to have what comes with having it cut in a salon.

I often ask my clients this question but I don’t feel I am getting the true answer so I would like you to help me get the answer to this unanswered question that I feel is holding me back.

Pros and cons



  1. Having your hair cut at home is so convienent. 
  2. It provides a personal service.
  3. Cheaper.
  4. Impartial advice.


  1. You have to wash your own hair.
  2. Feel less pampered.



  1. Feel pampered.
  2. Shampoo your hair.
  3. Cutting edge trends


  1. Expensive.
  2. You have to travel.
  3. Time consuming
  4. Constantly sold too.

If anyone has anything they feel they can add to help us make our mind if it would be a good idea to open a salon or simply carry on providing the best service we can, it would be very much appreciated.