Love Mondays!

Traditionally it has been the day for all Hair salons to have as their day off. We at Gavin Taylor Hair have decided that Mondays should be treated equal. 

By starting out the week on a positive note, naturally the rest of the week will follow. Utilise Mondays as a new start to make change. Change your look, decide on a new hair style or simply make a conscious effort to be kind to that person at work that's annoying you. You will be amazed at the results.

If you ever dread Monday or get that Sunday night feeling decide to change that by introducing scary or uncomfortable things. 

Why not try.

  1. Making Monday a challenge day!  eg. Eat healthy ALL DAY! Call someone you have been meaning to speak to for ages. Approach your boss about a pay rise!! 
  2. Dressing to empress. Everyone's perception of Mondays is sadness. Show everyone you are different and people will follow!
  3. Embracing Mondays and you will be surprised what can happen. Trust me!
  4. Imagining your best case scenario at work and visualise it happening on Monday. (see above no. 3) 

Love Mondays and the rest of the week will take of itself...........................................